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Vote and select Product of the Year 2018!

We would like to encourage you to put your votes on WObit products aspiring to the title of Product of the Year 2018!


Oddaj głos i wybierz Produkt Roku 2018!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the voting for the Product of the Year 2018 in a competition organized by the journal Control Engineering Polska has begun and will last until February 15. And three products from the offer WObit qualified for the second stage.

The jury made a choice based on 4 criteria: product innovation, practical suitability, ease of use, potential economic and non-economic gains associated with the use of the product.

We'd like to invite you to cast your voice for the device below. To discard, just click on the image, select the product, enter your details and press the speak button.

AGV MW robot mobilny

In the Mobile Robots category, our biggest mobile robot pretends to won the title. MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW.

It can autonomously transport details of up to 1500 kg!

Thanks to Mecanum wheels and LMS laser navigation, it moves safely in any direction.

Hugh Speed TireScan

High Speed ​​TireScan measurement system  is an innovative tool for quickly measuring the distribution of tire strength and pressure.

This unique contact sensor from Tekscan records the effect of speed, motion and traction power on a tire with a speed of up to 265 km / h!


In the hard-won category of contenders for the titles in the Drive Technique - Motors category, you can find a reliable Brushless motor RP34M-221-018 + BRAKE 05-0065 + MMA52-1024-5-BZ-N .

Thank you for your time to read the devices and submit your vote to the Product of the Year 2018 contest.

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