Rozwiązania i Komponenty dla AutomatykiSolutions and Components for Automation

New products

Transport ładunków do 1 tony z nowym robotem mobilnym WObit!

Transporting loads up to 1 ton with the new WObit mobile robot!


The MOBOT® AGV mobile robot family has just expanded with the new FlatRunner MW Light.

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optoNCDT 1220 – Nowy standard dla automatyki przemysłowej

optoNCDT 1220 - A new standard for industrial automation


The Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 1220 laser triangulation sensor sets new standards in the measurement of displacements and distances in industrial automation.

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Nowa seria GREEN paneli operatorskich HMI

The new GREEN series of HMI operator panels


The WObit offer includes a new generation of industrial HMI operator panels - the GREEN series.

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Precyzyjny czujnik konfokalny z rozdzielczością do 3 nm

Precision confocal sensor with a resolution of up to 3 nm


In the WObit offer, a new, very precise confocalDT IFS2407-0.1 from Micro-Epsilon is available.

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Wysokiej rozdzielczości laserowe skanery profilu 2D/3D do dynamicznych zadań pomiarowych

High-resolution laser 2D / 3D profile scanners for dynamic measuring tasks


New laser scanners scanCONTROL 30xx with a blue laser line for very precise measurements are available in the WObit offer.

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Najmniejszy czujnik linkowy na świecie

The smallest draw-wire sensor in the world


Miniature MT sensors are the smallest draw-wire sensors in the world. They have been specially designed for test applications where high line accelerations occur.

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Z nowym oprogramowaniem Configuration Tools 6.1 do skanerów laserowych możliwy jest pomiar szczelin!

With the new Configuration Tools 6.1 software for laser scanners, it is possible to measure gaps!


The latest Configuration Tools 6.1 software offers additional features of scanCONTROL laser scanners and replaces the existing gapCONTROL sensor configuration software.

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Kompaktowy czujnik konfokalny o wysokiej precyzji do aplikacji OEM

Compact high precision confocal sensor for OEM applications


ConfocalDT IFS2404-2 confocal displacement sensors are designed for precise measurements of distance, position and thickness.

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